Travel in Sicily, winter 2009




We were to start in Sicily last summer, but we preferred to move towards the Baltics, so it this winter for the New Year holiday, that we will spend some days in this island.

The crossing has been booked on the internet with the company "Grandi Navi Veloci" and will start from Genoa to Palermo

The return pass through the Straits of Messina and ascended from the west of Italy to visit Pompeii and Paestum,

Leaving home in the afternoon of Christmas night in Aiguebelle step, passage of the Frejus tunnel and highway in a very snowy landscape to Genoa, where we can 17H, confirmation of tickets at the counter in 2 minutes, we wait Boarding and leaving the ferry, the Fantastic, under 20H amid rows of cars and a few campers on the dock

Boarding begins, we enter the last shortly before 20h and facilities of the dog kennel (on the last bridge with the opportunity to walk during the crossing) of ourselves in our cabin (very nice) and it went for a night and a day at sea, the arrival is scheduled for Sunday evening at 18H,

The boat is beautiful, huge (10 bridges) the sea is calm and in good shape as we drop anchor at Palermo, the landing is fast, we are the first to leave, and once left the port area we immerse ourselves in the movement Palermitana,,,

I traveled in many countries, experienced driving styles "different", but there! It is total anarchy, nothing is respected, nor fire, nor stop, nor prohibited direction!

I stalled the GPS on a service area east of the city, to Bagheria, out of the town is "hot" is each time the start of great value green light, and as any band without limiting the ways it is the first who wins, I think I find myself driving my kart! Eventually I get used very fast, comfortable power assist engine I extricated myself from the city fairly easily (but I would not do that any day!)

The area that this does not inspire me, is facing a station, the streets are littered with trash, short one does not feel,

We left along the seafront, a few miles further parking in advance of the sea tempts us is in a quiet street, this will be our bivouac for the night

I go walking Laura T-shirt, he made 18 °, it is 20H!

Meals and sleep!

In Sicily, 1st day:

Wake up to 8H, there is bright sunshine, 17 ° outside, the night was very quiet, I go out Laura walk along the sea T-shirt!
That is nice! In our very frosty here it's almost spring!

After breakfast we take the coastal route to reach Cefalù we reach for lunch

The road along the sea is beautiful, some places make me think of the reunion, we're shopping in a supermarket, meat and vegetables, prices are half those among us! And the welcome of the Sicilians is really nice,

Route beautiful but narrow, very narrow in some villages, more parking in 2nd, 3rd line see become frankly disturbing, every time it passes very difficult, it is difficult, once I recover from the highway, except that pace we'll have months to go around!

We arrive to Cefalù and stationnons on the beach 100 meters from the historic center, some campers are on the nearby area, we have lunch in the camper,

After lunch we will visit the city, pretty little harbor with its colorful boats and smelling lanes south we go to the cathedral,

Norman-style building, the interior has a stripped Pantocratore while huge mosaic, beautiful!

Refreshment break in the sun terrace, and then return to the camper by the tangle of narrow streets typical

After these 2 hours of walking we leave for Milazzo peninsula facing the Aeolian islands, we take the freeway, brand new, a succession of tunnels and bridges with beautiful views of the coast, full of GO services and clean water / gray / black Galp station, ride for a frankly ridiculous prices compared to France,

Around 17:30 we arrive in Milazzo that we cross the sea front to join a camp on the headland beside the fishing boats,
3 other crews keep us company for the night, it's always so sweet, 17 ° tonight


Day 2:

Another quiet night, lulled by the waves, the weather is sunny this morning I do some photos of the corner and boats

After the petit dej 'we go to the north, the villas are surrounded by flowering bougainvillea, the vegetation is lush, almost tropical

We start walking at Cape Milazzo in the middle of prickly pears at the end we have a superb view over the Aeolian Islands of Lipari and Vulcano, and Etna with hat are clouds

Coffee and orange juice in the bar car and we started for Milazzo, visit the upper town, the citadel and some races before returning from the highway to climb Mount Etna by the northern route,
We go to Barcellona to take the small road winding turns on the northern slopes of the volcano, but Mazzara, a sign tells us: Road closed for Francavilla
damn! is the only way I am inquiring at the service station near landslide! No alternative but to resume the highway and through Messina

No luck, we reluctantly turn back and find the highway, we'll do the lunch break on parking and rain invites himself before Messina, not bad, but the visit of Taormina is compromised, we return to the return, hope he does best!
We leave the beach for Linguaglossa by the narrow road that winds among the lemon,
Linguaglossa us to buy fruits and vegetables at a seller scooter, 0.40 € / kg of zucchini and eggplant! € 1 and 3 kg of oranges!

Breakfast coffee and pastry bar on the corner and take the road to the Sapienza refuge at the top of Mount Etna,
This beautiful little road goes through villages, between the cultures of citrus and hazelnut on the rich slopes of the volcano.
 Above is in the middle of old lava flows and the car just before the refuge is a mineral show of lava and ash before us,
This car park and buildings are virtually new, having been destroyed by the last casting of 2001, only the first has narrowly escaped the lava,

We sat in the parking lot trying to protect us from the very strong wind that shakes the camper, the edge view is magnificent but we prefer to shelter beneath a cast,

We warm clothing (4 here) and will take a turn toward the crater Silvestri, the edges of the crater, the view of Catania and the sea is truly sublime, but the wind will carry us if we did not pay much attention, it blows as an indication of the anemometer bar at peak 120km / h! Laura appreciates moderately!

It is with pleasure that we find the cozy interior of our motorhome and is rocked by gusts of wind that we spend the night here