Travel in Morocco:

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The story of our trip:

Travel to Morocco


Day 1:


It is 7 hours, the sun rises on the beach south of Almeria, we reach the dock for Morocco, Nador destination, holidays are really started after a rapid Spain.


At 9:30 we embark on Berkane (eg Napoleon) and 10h we leave the Spanish coast in 4 hours we landed on the African coast.

The customs and police carried on board, it's much more convenient than to make the border on arrival;

The boat is very comfortable, we have a cabin with bathroom, a mini cruise in short!


At 14h we come to Nador, landing and fast passage through customs, the port is refurbished, we take the direction of Saïdia not forget to fill up with Diesel (0.70 € per liter!)


We pass by the waterfront of Nador
The road along the lagoon of Nador and then back up on the cliffs of Cape water where we ferron our first purchases, vegetables, fruit and fresh fish.

We will step in Saïdia camping, full season has not yet begun, we shake the only guests for the night.



2nd day:


We will adjust our night after services (DHM 70) and take the road towards Oujda, the Algerian border is a few meters from the river nous.seule separates us from Algeria.

The day will be devoted to the road to reach Bouarfa where we go with "skoubidou" teacher known by the Forum of Morocco, this part of the country is very little frequented by tourists, it is a desert plateau with very long straights swallowed to look good under a blazing sun.

In late afternoon we arrive at Bouarfa a phone call to our friends and we meet at the terrace of a bar in the city.

We get to know and develop our evening and day tomorrow, we must give him school supplies for school nomads.

We decide to spend the night in Iche, to visit the palm grove early in the morning.

The 100 miles that separate us from Iche are made in a mineral of great beauty, but before night falls the village and a fennec crosses in front of our headlights!

We arrive at night, Warrant of military welcomes us and we parked for the night near the post, we also provide tea and snacks welcome!

We agree to an appointment tomorrow morning to visit the village and the palm with her, Algerian border oblige!

Children come to us and ask us all sorts of questions, and ask for candy! I'll speak to you tomorrow with Warrant for a fair share if we have agreed.

The night is hot but very calm.



3rd day:


The view in front of us is beautiful, the park extends to our feet, and after breakfast we start with Warrant visit the village.

Children accompany us, the park is very well maintained, we walk amid the palm trees, fig trees and oleanders, it's a real pleasure to stroll in the fresh.

Jeremy tries to "bourricot! helped by our military service!

We will visit the dam that supplies the town with another military proud walking Laura.

We thank our friends in the military (with the promise to send pictures) by small gifts and candy to distribute to children themselves.

We also give clothing to the head of the tribe of nomads, the winters are very harsh in these mountains.

The road that leads us to Figuig is very beautiful, the sand of the Sahara mixes with black rocks to form a monochrome color, nomads water their flocks in the wadis, in short, Morocco still true!

We take the relative shade of a tree to take our meals, and we continue to Figuig 2nd which was the border with Algeria.

The temperature is very high, more than 50 °, and it is with delight that we get lost in the palm between the walls of mud.

We visit the rest of the city, the hotel / campsite is ideally located overlooking the park, but we did not spend the night, we are expected to Bouarfa at "skoubidou.

We leave for that matter, we have hundreds of miles to reach our friend.

Bouarfa we came to do some shopping and meet "skoubidou" and his colleague Mohamed, professor of french in high school and former teacher of the school Iche.

We will take a tea to celebrate the brand new license "skoubidou" which in reality Abdel, broken stick to discussion about our respective countries, and tonight we will eat couscous at home.

We spend a portion of the evening with Mohamed, very nice, and around midnight we go to Abdel where we enjoy a traditional meal.

We give the school supplies that we have made, it will be distributed at her school in September next.

It is late at night we parked in front of the RCMP for a well deserved rest, after having warmly thanked our hosts for their hospitality.

Tomorrow we leave this part unknown to tourists Ziz Valley and the first large dunes of the Sahara, Erg Cheb.

For now, it is still very hot (32 °) and as we are in town there was no air, but the district is now more calm, we will try to sleep!